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Towards an Economy Without Jobs?

Another great post from Lloyd Lofthouse

Diane Ravitch's blog

The two great forces shaping the future at this time are globalization and technology.

Globalization has its benefits: We are more aware than ever of our interconnectedness with other people, nations, and cultures. But it has its downside: corporations outsource jobs to places where people work for less and there are no unions There is a story that President Obama once asked Steve Jobs what it would take to bring Apple production back to the U.S., and Jobs replied, “Those jobs are never coming back.” Why should they? It is cheaper to produce the devices in China.

Technology also has its good and bad sides. It has put us in instant touch with everyone else, it has created new jobs, it has made possible new ways of living and working.

The downside is that technology kills jobs by replacing humans with machines. Not long ago, I had dinner with a…

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One thought on “Towards an Economy Without Jobs?

  1. I commented on the original that this reminded me of one of my first attempts at a blog post, before I started posting here on leftcoastvoices:
    I keep wanting to write a book called, “Efficiency isn’t Always Good”, or something like that. I’m glad to see that others are noticing this problem. I’m not sure what we can do about it, though. We are headed for one of two things, it seems, “Terminator” world, or (probably more likely), a world where a handful of people own the machines, and the rest of us living in poverty.

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