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Stop the War on Stuff – Roger Ingalls

I’m writing this post as if I were king of the world. Basically I’m pretending to be President Obama except I’m putting political BS aside and being honest. However, I’m simplifying my tasks and only focusing on declaring war.

Most of us who engage our brains know that the USA declares war on stuff to stimulate the economy or to generate a new market that buys products or services from the military industrial complex. We’ve run out of natural markets to fuel the false notion of an infinite growth economy so we now create false enemies for the purpose of declaring war for economic prosperity.


In my pretend world of being king, I want to be the nice king. I want to stop wars on false enemies for the sole purpose of propping up a doomed economic philosophy. Perpetual growth on a finite planet with finite resources is not sustainable. In my kingdom economies are created to improve human existence and enhance the experience of living.

As king and the proponent of real CHANGE, I would declare war. I would declare war on war.

1)      I declare war on the war on drugs. The war on drugs has done nothing positive in the past 40 years. It has put hundreds of thousands of people in jail for doing what humans just naturally do. We spend more money on policing common human behavior than we do on uncommon but globally recognize criminal activities, such as rape, murder, institutional wealth transfer, slavery and stealing of natural resources.

2)      I declare war on the war on poverty. Instead stealing a third world country’s natural resources to prop up an unsustainable infinite growth free market economy that creates localized poverty, why don’t we  just let local economies sustainably flourish without exploitation. There wouldn’t be starving people in Africa and Asia if they weren’t stripped of local cultural activities and resources in the first places. Modern free market greed creates poverty, not thousands of years of cultural evolution.

3)      I declare war on the war on terror. Twelve years and three trillion dollars later, politicians are still pounding the fear of Muslim terrorism in our heads. Iraq wasn’t a terrorist nation; it was an easy Wall Street casualty…just a speed bump in the path of profiteering military contractors and the oil industry. If the “free market” western oil industry needs to rely on the US military to get access to foreign oil reserves, then these companies should be nationalized or pay for the service. The tax payers who financed the stealing of a foreign natural resource are entitled to spoils of war, not a free-loading Wall Street banking community.

4)      I declare war on…

Ding, ding, ding…damn, the alarm clock spoils my dream of kingdom. And crap, we are still at war too.

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