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Turkey – What is Happening?

Been tweeting with a student, he asked me to remove his name and twitter name out of fear of reprisals, in Ankara all weekend. I don’t know what is happening there and the silence in the media from Turkey and here is deafening.   But this clip that my friend took is heartbreaking. 

A democracy is first and foremost a place where people can protest and where a free media operates. We all need Turkey to win its struggle to remain a democracy. Actions like this simply won’t help.

Dated as Sunday, June 02.

Dated as Sunday, June 02, 2013.

In a world where the media is not free, I am glad for twitter and the opportunity to follow brave people like my friend.

Anyone with more on what is happening in Ankara – please post in the comments.


Dated as Sunday, June 2nd, 2013


Alon Shalev writes social justice-themed novels and YA epic fantasy. He swears there is a connection. His latest books include: Unwanted Heroes and the 2013 Eric Hoffer Book Award for YA – At The Walls Of Galbrieth. Alon tweets at @alonshalevsf and @elfwriter.   For more about the author, check out his website.


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4 thoughts on “Turkey – What is Happening?

  1. Utku Muratoğlu on said:

    Thank you

  2. Utku Muratoğlu on said:

    Attention! Turkish democracy needs you!
    After a series of peaceful demonstrations for preserving a recreational area in Istanbul city centre, which is planned to be demolished for the construction of a shopping mall, Turkish police attacked the protesters at 05:00am on Friday morning violently with tear gas and water cannon, directly targeting their faces and bodies. Dozens of protesters are wounded and are being treated by doctors outside hospitals as they are not welcome there or are not able to reach the Emergency Rooms. Some are even reported dead.
    The access to the park and other important areas is blocked without any legal basis. The riots have spread out to other major cities as Ankara and Izmir. In Ankara police is using pepper spray to attack civilians. Turkish media, directly controlled by the government or have business and political ties with it, refuse to cover the incidents. Press agencies also blocked the information flow. Please share this message for the world to become aware of the police state created by AKP of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which is often considered to be a model for other Middle Eastern countries. Nevertheless, The prime minister is being considered a dictator by the protestors that takes the democratic way of decision making little into account.After brutal attacks of the police now in most of the cities in turkey people have united against governments acts against human rights.Turkish democracy expects your help. Thank you!

  3. Utku Muratoğlu on said:

    We are not act by an anti government group or an anarchy group we are the people of Turkey

  4. Utku Muratoğlu on said:

    this is an announcement from anonymous http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdQYDR1GxJ8&sns=fb

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