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The Gun Problem: Keeping It Simple – Roger Ingalls

Hand Gun Assault Rifle

Gun Suicides

Gun Murders

Little Crosses

This is the problem

Closing note: Since the 27 deaths at Sandy Hook elementary school forty-nine days ago, more than 1400 peopled have been killed in the US with handguns (28 deaths per day for 49 straight days). A lot of energy, money and politicking is getting spent on the relatively insignificant issue of assault weapon deaths while the real problem of handgun killings is ignored. Sadly, political and media sound-biting wins the day. Please spread the truth, maybe we can focus attention on the real issue.

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6 thoughts on “The Gun Problem: Keeping It Simple – Roger Ingalls

  1. I feel we need to start somewhere, Roger. I understand a person’s need for a hand gun in their house. I don’t understand the need for an assault rifle.

    • Alon-thanks for the comment. This is an important issue so I plan to stick with it for a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to make my point. I may continue to use the “keeping it simple” format…it’s a differrent way to blog and it seems to work based on the hits and retweets. -Roger.

  2. As some of you know, Roger is my husband. For various reasons, we have somewhat differing opinions on guns in a household. We both are not against it, but it’s our reasonings that seperate us on the issue. I’m thankful that at the end of the day, we can agree to somewhat peacefully disagree.

    Alon, I agree.

    However, what bothers me deeply is how much attention is given to “the gun issue” and not nearly enough is given to the reason *behind* the killings. The mental health of our society is so unbalanced and in peril, it’s tragic. And that nobody wants to talk about it or discourage the stigma of mental instability just breaks my heart.


    • Hey Stormywriter-
      Speaking of mental health…a report came out today saying 22 veterans commit suicide each day. More die from suicide than on the battlefield. Rates are upto three times higher than general population. Sadly, most use a handgun (much higher rate than civilians). -Roger.

  3. This is precisely my point…from an AP news today, [we have] “a Sandy Hook Elementary School attack unfolding in slow motion: an honor student gunned down at a high school basketball game, two men in their 40s killed outside a hamburger stand, a woman whose bullet-riddled body was found early Friday in a van on the world-famous Lake Shore Drive.”

    We have Sandy Hooks occurring everyday with handguns.

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