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The United Police State of America – Roger Ingalls

I want everyday hard working citizens to take five minutes from their crazy worker-bee routine to just stop and think about what is going on around them. I know it’s hard. We want to come home from another day of insanity, drink a glass of wine and just numb our brains for a few satisfying minutes before the chaotic next day rears its ugly head.

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We have to think, we have to engage our brains…for the sake of future generations. The days of “it’s all about me me me” are over! We must ascend to a higher state of social responsibility, it’s our duty…it’s our time.

I didn’t want this post to sound too preachy or get too long so I’ll get to the point. Please think about and become familiar with the following issues:

 1)      In many states and local city governments, it is now illegal for you to video tape police activities. No more Rodney King type videos.

2)      As of last Thursday, thanks to Congress and the President, it is now a Federal offense to cause a disturbance during some political events (H.R. 347). The right to assemble and protest, as guaranteed by the Constitution, is being minimized.

3)      The precedent has now been set allowing the President to assassinate you (an American citizen) if you are deemed a potential threat – your arrest or trial with guilty verdict is not necessary for execution.

4)      If you are alleged or considered a terrorist, you can be locked away for life, without official charge or trial (habeas corpus suspended).

5)      Political momentum is building to disallow a woman to control what is done to her own body.

6)      City governments are creating laws without constitutional or historic “commons” consideration that limits use of public places for assembly and protest.

The pace to limit our basic rights is accelerating. Thomas Jefferson and other like-minded Founding Fathers fought hard to get a Bill of Rights included in the Constitution. Wouldn’t it be tragic to let it all slip away? Think about this small list above…there are many others not shown.

Turning a blind eye to the elimination of freedom is like putting shackles and chains on our children and telling them to get used to it.


Roger Ingalls is well traveled and has seen the good and bad of many foreign governments. He hopes his blogging will encourage readers to think more deeply about the American political system and its impact on US citizens and the international community.

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