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It’s A Business!

I have many lists that are merging together into a business, or rather a marketing plan. Right now I am focused on the book cover, the interior design, reviews, the blog and soon-to-be-launched website.

But there is another list: Business Operations. On this list are such items as:

– Receipt book for books bought in cash
– New bank account
– Thank You cards
– Cash box
– Ledger

And suddenly it hits me – this is a business. Ironically, I have not been too concerned with break even numbers, how to spend the first million (okay, I have that meticulously planned), or very much on the fiscal side.

There is a budget in place to ensure that I don’t invest beyond the amount agreed with my wife, but this has rarely been a focus. The novel is finished, I want to tell my story to the world, and I am ready to put in some time to market it and seriously explore its potential.

Next weekend I will file my family’s taxes. They are very simple: a single income, a few bank accounts, my wife’s studies – all easily handled by Turbo Tax. Next year there will be an additional income stream, a home business and who knows what.

Next year it won’t be so simple … I hope.

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